60-day loans – The best payday loans for 2 months!

See a 60 day loan schedule that you can get for free without leaving your home. These include both installment loans and payday loans. Both types of loans are rarely available for this period of time.

60 days is a special repayment period among free online loans. These are not typical payday loans, which we usually get for a month, or loans whose repayment period typically starts from 3 months. In other words, this repayment period is a market gap that has not yet been fully exploited by non-banking companies. Fortunately, we have found several offers that match these characteristics. 

How to get your first loan for free for 60 days?

How to get your first loan for free for 60 days?

The free loan offer is usually only available to customers entering into a commitment for the first time in an institution. If you have doubts about how to take the first free payday pay, see how it looks typically step by step:

  • Choose a payday loan that meets your needs, ie one that allows you to pay back within 60 days.
  • Submit an application. Enter your details and register on the given portal.
  • Verify your identity by bank transfer or bank machine.
  • Wait for the credit decision and the money transfer. You can receive cash in 15 minutes!

The great advantage of 60 day loans is their speed. Thanks to the automation of most processes, the loan application is processed up to 15 minutes and the lender is able to submit an offer almost immediately after identity verification. More and more online payday loans are using instant transfers, which means that you can get cash to your account in just a few minutes. Also, applying for money is very simple – it doesn’t differ much from setting up an account on any website and only takes a few moments.

What requirements do you have to meet to get a 2-month loan?

What requirements do you have to meet to get a 2-month loan?

Requirements in the non-banking sector are not as high as in banks. To obtain such a loan you usually do not need to submit any certificates or establish pledges. Just:

  • To have a stable source of income – their type does not matter.
  • Be an adult and have full legal capacity.
  • Have an ID card, mobile phone and bank account.
  • Be creditworthy, ie not have excessive financial obligations (other active loans, high rent or eg maintenance).
  • Have an acceptable credit history. The lender will check whether you have been honestly paying your debts.

Important! Do not be afraid of non-bank companies. All companies presented on our site operate under the supervision of the Financial Supervision Authority and in accordance with the rigorous provisions of law. The contract template should always be available for inspection before the commitment is made – it is usually under the loan calculator.

Why does a 60-day loan pay off?

A 60-day free loan is an extremely attractive offer. For this reason, few companies offer such a product and if you are thinking of making such a commitment, hurry up – maybe these payday loans will soon disappear from the market!

It is worth noting that most lenders promote loans for 0 for 30 or 45 days. 2 months of free payday payday is a much longer repayment period than just a month and should allow you to take twice the amount. It is also a better offer than the interest-free period even on the best credit card.

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